30 min classes- $45 per month
45 min classes- $55 per month
60 minute classes- $60 per month 
Private Lesson
 (1-30 min. class weekly)- $110 per month

Annual Registration Fee – $25 per family
Annual Recital Fee – $50 per family
Costume- $55 per student/class (pre classes), $70 per student/class (all other classes) 

*$15 discount for every 3 classes enrolled per family. Tuition Policies


All registered students are required to be on auto-payments.  Families must submit a valid credit card prior to starting their first class.   Credit cards will be charged on the 1st of every month. Families may opt to pay with check or cash prior to the withdrawal date to avoid autodraft. Families will be billed and charged monthly tuition from September-May. 

*Tuition is the same amount each month regardless of the number of classes. Money is not refunded for missed lessons or for any reason. Annual tuition is based upon the total number of classes for the year and then divided by 9 months for your convenience. 


If you would like to drop a class, you must notify Modern Elements via EMAIL 7 days prior to last class. Families will be charged until notification is received and up until the 7th day from notification. Students must drop prior to the 23rd to avoid being charged the subsequent month. Modern Elements will not remove past charges or refund payments if families fail to drop from classes. Please do not assume your drop notification has been received until a member of our office returns your email.